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Self Love Ritual Bath Bomb

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When you are overflowing with self love, you are a magnet for attracting love, blessings, and more! Our Self Love Ritual Bath Bomb was crafted to open up your heart and fill yourself with self love 💖 Infused with Hemp Seed OiI, Rose Essential Oil, dried Rose Petals, and a raw Rose Quartz crystal!


You have the option of purchasing our 4 page ritual guide to go along with our bath offering. This guide was created by owner and practioner (Taylor) to help invoke the act and energies of self love!


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Hemp Seed Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Red 27 Lake, Polysorbate 80, Rose Petals.


Essential oils are true to scent.


Our Sacred Collection makes every day magick easy with our various bath and body ritual workings. All crafted with a special intention in mind using various herbs, oils, colors, and crystals to help aid your magick!

How to Use

Fill up your bath tub with warm water. Once filled to your preference, place or hold the bath bomb in the water to activate. When your bath bomb becomes activated by the water it will begin dispersing color, scent, and oils for a relaxing and skin-soothing bath.

Made to Order

Most of our offerings are made to order to guarantee freshness and quality!

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