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  • Witchcraft But Make It Queer Bath Bomb - Witchy Washy Bath ®
  • Witchcraft But Make It Queer Bath Bomb - Witchy Washy Bath ®
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Witchcraft But Make It Queer Bath Bomb

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Happy Pride month to all my fellow queer witches! I hope this month (and always) you get to honor your most authentic self and live in your fullest truth! I want to send love to all those who may currently be struggling or uncomfortable with coming out. As well as honor all those who paved the way for the LGBTQIA+ community! And last but not least, let us show our respects for the lives who have been lost or taken within our community 💜 

One of my missions with WWB is to create a safe space where witches and weirdos feel seen and accepted. As a Pansexual Witch (in a heterosexual relationship), I can understand the feeling of being unheard and unseen. So each year I hope to put out Pride offerings that make others feel seen and heard! 


For All The Queer Witches 🏳️‍🌈

Our Witchcraft But Make It Queer Bath Bomb is back! Crafted with Safflower Oil and hand painted with the colors of the Pride flag.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Safflower Oil, Fragrance, Polysorbate 80, Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Mica.


Rich notes of vanilla orchid, sandalwood and patchouli blend effortlessly with evening Davana and blackberries.

How to Use

Fill up your bath tub with warm water. Once filled to your preference, place or hold the bath bomb in the water to activate. When your bath bomb becomes activated by the water it will begin dispersing color, scent, and oils for a relaxing and skin-soothing bath.

Made to Order

Most of our offerings are made to order to guarantee freshness and quality!

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